What critics are saying about Honey Lauren's
lead role as "Gloria" in "Men Cry Bullets"...

"As Gloria, the black-haired sicko, Honey Lauren gives a performance that is equal parts Martin Scorsese and Russ Meyer."
-John Petrakis
Chicago Tribune

"Honey Lauren]s portrayal of Gloria is outstanding.  Her compelling and provocative acting captures the complexity of Gloria's mood-swinging character with the intensity of a female Christopher Walken...  Lauren turns in a convincing and compelling performance, hovering on the edge of insanity..."
Fringecore Magazine, Europe

"This zestfully unpredictable film moves well and features bold, brave performances - particularly Honey Lauren's vivid, inspired portrayal of the tormented Gloria.."
-Peter Hall
New York Independent Film Monitor

"Lauren offers a bold and robust portrayal of the mood-swinging Gloria."
-Joe Laydon

"Honey Lauren gives a great performance as Gloria, an arm wrestling, cigar smoking, tough chick..."
-Jonathan Martin
NPR / National Public Radio

"Gloria... brilliantly played by Honey Lauren."
-Josh Welsh
Independent Feature Project / West

"...a full-throttle bitchy sexpot... the performance is intensely engaging..."
-Clairborne Smith
The Austin Chronicle

"Outstanding performance from Honey Lauren."
-Brian Wyndorff

"Excellent performances, especially from actress Honey Lauren, who showed depth and sublety with a sharp sense of humor."
-Arthur Borman
Judge, South by Southwest Film Festival

"Gloria, (convincingly played by Honey Lauren), has all the charasteristics that women usually hate in humans with penises... Honey Lauren manages in a convincing manner to make this unusual woman a believable figure.  This is the movie's main strenght..."
Daily Newspaper Wresbaden, Germany

"There is something that teeters on the incredible about Honey Lauren's brutal performance, and if anything, it is the one aspect of MEN CRY BULLETS that audiences will not likely forget."
-John Niccum
PitchWeekly, Kansas City.