This August Honey can be seen starring opposite Jeri Ryan in "Men Cry Bullets". 

As with her short films, Tamara Hernandez's first feature, MEN CRY BULLETS, received much praise for its dynamic, funny and unpredictable female characters that are said to subvert traditional feminine roles.

Described as "a wickedly funny cross between John Waters and R.W. Fassbinder" and a "stylistic heir to Russ Meyer" this wildly shot film, with its vibrant color scheme, is a unique dark comedy about a truly disturbed love triangle and one unlucky pig.

Honey Lauren "man-handles" Steven Nelson
as Jeri Ryan stands by, in "Men Cry Bullets"

Enter the strange world of Billy, (Steven Nelson), an innocent young male ingenue, imprisoned by the memories of his past, who tries to redeem himself by performing on stage in drag each night as his mother in a seedy freak club.  Unfortunately, one night his act is ruined in a drunken brawl by an insane cigar smoking writer named Gloria (Honey Lauren).  Instantly drawn to her, Billy makes the mistake of falling in love with this sexy and sadistic older woman who rapes and abuses him until he submits to her every whim.  But Gloria's worst behaviour doesn't kick in until her disgustingly beautiful debutante cousin (Jeri Ryan) arrives for a visit and decides to steal Billy away.

Jeri Ryan in
"Men Cry Bullets"

So begins a twisted psycho-sexual roller coaster ride through three crazy minds filled with hysterically funny dialogue and violent emotions that result in a depraved meage a trois, the brutal butchering of a beloved pet, and a spontaneous cold blooded murder.

Winner of six major festival awards, including Grand Prizes at South by Southwest, Avignon, and the Audience Choice Award at Chicago Underground.

"Hernandez suffuses with emotion even the most eccentric moments."
          - Chicago Reader, "Critic's Choice"

"An incredibly emotional, touching and bizarre fever dream.  Fun for your entire dysfunctional family."
           - Ted Hope, Producer "The Ice Storm"

"Honey Lauren offers a bold and robust performance of the mood-swinging Gloria."
           - Variety

"Tightly conceived... A precious balance between shock and pathos."
           - Daily Texan

"Moving... The complexity of its emotional effect makes it well worth seeing."
           - NPR / National Public Radio

"The film ranges from bizarre humor to operatic angst."
           - Kansas City Star

"Hernandez directs like a surgeon in an operating room of the absurd."
           - Michael Hacker, South By Southwest Film Festival Judge.